Why children love to play hide and seek

Why children love to play hide and seek

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One of the first games that most attract babies is the well-known: cucu-tras, just cover or cover the little eyes that your baby will kick energetically. He will shout excitedly or laugh with joy when he sees the face of mom or dad, who has discovered him again. Babies begin to learn that objects or people do not vanish, or mysteriously disappear, but that there is a will in it.

Surely, spontaneously, your children have hidden under the bed when you call them, or they have gotten into the laundry basket to give you a scare or have taken advantage of our visit to the shopping center to hide behind the large amount of clothes exposed in the store.

Games like hide and seek are very attractive to children, both the little ones and the oldest. My brothers and I played at home at a most elaborate hide-out: the lights in the whole house were turned off, my brothers took them to hide in absolutely unlikely places: inside a folding bed, on top of the bathroom cabin ... , I was the smallest and my favorite place was under the table skirt or behind the curtains. I spent a long time in hiding because my brothers knew my hiding place by heart and they no longer bothered to look for me (I think I remember that I ate the snack under there).

More than once, it was difficult for us to scold our mother, break a vase or stain the walls when trying to climb, but what a good time we had! It is curious to see how some children want to be found right away, or risk getting "home" as soon as possible and getting rid of the search. Others, on the contrary, remain motionless for a long time, despairing the participants who seek him to the point of boredom. Each child chooses his game strategy.

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