Children's taste in music is old

Children's taste in music is old

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A different musical style seduces children according to their age, since children's musical taste is old and changing. From the prenatal stage, music is present in life. After birth, this same music helps to relax the baby and later it is especially beneficial to stimulate children's psychomotor skills and the learning of language and other languages.

And it is that in recent years we have not stopped reading information about the benefits of listening to music during pregnancy and even about how beneficial it is for the baby to listen to music in its prenatal stage to recognize that music after birth and relax with it . Willing to test if all of this was true, when a friend gave my son a three-pack of baby music CDs on his birthday, I decided to use them in my second pregnancy.

The music was varied and all the themes well known. They comprised a wide variety of styles from classical music to traditional songs and versions of modern themes, but all of them had a common denominator that they were adapted to a particular rhythm, created and intended for babies.

After listening to them during my pregnancy, when my baby was born, I took action and when I saw him tired or nervous and irritable, I played the music while I cared for him, bathed him or fed him and the effect was incredible. Those first few bars were mixed with the music that his brother listened to and immediately he began to feel a fascination for the soundtrack of The jungle book. He loved listening to the title track over and over again, he must have seen the movie a dozen times, and he couldn't get enough.

The Lion King, Aladin Y Madagascar were his next favorite soundtracks. Then he discovered the rhythm of Finding Nemo. And that is how he began to visualize images in music, an objective that soundtracks precisely seek, since technically, a soundtrack is the complete sound part and the result of editing different soundtracks, be they dialogues, sounds and music from a work or parallel accompaniment. From a musical point of view, a soundtrack is understood to be both vocal and instrumental music expressly composed for a film, fulfilling the function of enhancing those emotions that images alone are not capable of expressing.

After intuitively shaping all of this inside him, he started playing with his brother's I Pod and it was a real discovery for him. Suddenly, he realized that he could identify the music themes that he liked when he listened to the radio or any CD of ours with an interpreter or a musical group, and that those songs had a title and lyrics with a meaning. As a digital child he soon learned who was Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, The Jonas Brothers, Backstreet Boys and of course David Guetta and Michael Telo, whose songAi se eu te pego I it soon became part of her favorite collection.

His love of music also encouraged him to be interested in English, since he has always been very curious to decipher the lyrics of the songs and since he can see them in writing, he is dedicated to looking for the words and translating them to find the meaning of the words. choruses and stanzas of your favorite songs.

But also, thanks to the music, he sings and dances very well. The musical rhythm invites you to move your feet and dance has a very positive effect on the mobility and psycho-motor skills of children. Music stimulates body expression, by putting into motion new resources to adapt your body movement to different rhythms, thus contributing to the enhancement of the rhythmic control of your body.

Music helps to socialize, build companionship, provides emotional security and confidence to children, and is fertile ground for sharing experiences and knowledge with other children. Do not hesitate, put music in the lives of your children.

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