How to carry the baby with a knotted scarf in front. Baby carrier

How to carry the baby with a knotted scarf in front. Baby carrier

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Taking your baby for a walk is much more comfortable if you do it with a scarf with a knot in the front. This type of carrying is very comfortable and practical, and it will allow you to take the child with you without damaging your back.

In Guiainfantil We teach you, step by step, to put this baby carrying with a knotted scarf in the front. By following these quick and easy instructions you will have your porting ready in no time.

  • A long cloth scarf.

Tip: If the baby is small, it is recommended that someone help us to position it.

1. Cover the baby with the scarf from behind.

2. Place the baby on our back, grasping the sides of the scarf with our hands.

3. Pass the left side of the wrap over the right shoulder, and the right side over the left shoulder.

4. Make a semi-cross with the straps of the scarf and tie it with a double knot in the front at the hips.

In collaboration withMaria Algueró, carrying instructor and child specialist.

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