5 tips for choosing the color of your baby's room

5 tips for choosing the color of your baby's room

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How exiting! true? You are expecting your baby and you are going to start decorating her room. You are so excited and so eager to get down to work that you don't know where to start. You have seen many magazines, images, shop windows and now the moment of truth has come. We are going to try to help you a little with these tips to choose a color for the baby's room.

1- The objective is to achieve a warm and pleasant atmosphere, which invites relaxation and sleep, so it is preferable that you use soft and light tones. Dark tones have more character and decorative strength, being less advisable for baby's bedrooms.

2- Find a base color to work on and on which the entire decoration will turn. You can combine it with other colors in the same range or that are opposite in the chromatic scale but always look for a balance. Harmony conveys security.

3- Neutral colors such as white, cream, tan or very light gray can be used if the room is small. They will visually enlarge the space. The ceiling painted white or a shade lighter than the walls increases the feeling of height. They are also a good choice if you are looking for a calm and elegant environment that transmits peace. To liven it up a bit, use touches of color on accessories and textiles.

4- Cold colors such as blue, green, mauve and violet in all their ranges are also very relaxing. They stimulate concentration and are "fresh" colors that are very suitable if the bedroom is especially hot. Blue has always been the color of choice when the baby is a boy; In addition, the light blue tone creates light and soft atmospheres. Mauves and violets are more feminine and chosen when decorating girls' bedrooms.

5- For dimly lit or very cold rooms we recommend warm colors such as yellow or soft oranges. They also create very cozy environments providing lots of light. If you choose these colors in their most intense variants, you can "lower" them by combining them with cold or neutral colors such as white. If you decide on red, use it only on certain elements or a single wall as it is very powerful and is too stimulating for a rest area.

Remember that painting is a decorative resource that perfectly complements others such as wallpaper, murals, vinyls, wooden friezes ... There are many possibilities.

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