English for babies by the Glenn Doman method

English for babies by the Glenn Doman method

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There are many methods created to enhance the learning and accelerated development of the brain capacities of babies. Today we are going to analyze one of the oldest and most proven systems worldwide and in time. It is also the educational system most followed by parents from different countries and continents.

The method was created in the 1950s when the physical therapist doctor Glen doman With the group that he had created, they began to consider the brain development of 8-year-old children. The aim was to be able to help children with brain injuries. They quickly discovered surprising results that were tested on babies.

A complex system that is based on bits of intelligence or educational cards. The method consists of stimulating the child's brain through all kinds of images, as well as the baby's interaction with them as well as with the person who is teaching them.

One of the fundamentals of the system is baby learning based on the relationship of pictures to the voices heard. For example, the brain of a baby does not know what 'car' means until it has heard the word several times while it is seeing one. Through the relationship that his brain makes, the child will learn word by word, action by action. Until being able to form sentences. (Which he also gets from what he listens to) Discriminating what he does not think is important or what he considers most relevant.

As Glen Doman said: 'There is no intellectual act more difficult for an adult than learning a foreign language; very few adults are successful at speaking it fluently. However, for every newborn in Montevideo or Madrid, Spanish is like a foreign language, neither more nor less than French, German or Swahili. In one year, the baby will understand hundreds of words; In two years, you will be speaking in little sentences; at three he will be talking'.

I think it is a basic method in whatever aspect we are working with babies and children. And as we have just seen, ideal when it comes to developing a child's first and second language.

We must turn the time of the 'chips' into a fun moment and something special. So the child will like it and it will become one more game that he will want to play and give his full attention.

The ideal is to start any topic that we are going to work with the child with the bits of intelligence. Thanks to them, the child will be able to get a general idea of ​​the means of transport, food, animals ... depending on what he is learning at that time.

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