How to teach children to blow their noses

How to teach children to blow their noses

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If there is a routine action and that we adults see very simple, it is the act of blow our noses. When we have colds, when there is something in this area that bothers us, when it stings us, if we have allergies ... what is the mystery of taking a handkerchief and expelling the inside of the nose?

A priori, this does not have any difficulty, but for a child everything is a continuous learning, and to be able to use force with the nose without hurting himself and being able expel mucus It is something that takes time.

When we want our children learn to blow your noseThe first thing we have to do is arm ourselves with patience, since it is something that, although it seems simple, is not so easy for children.

To begin with, we must be clear that children do not usually understand the concept of 'blowing' through their nose to expel what is inside them, and that if they press too hard they could even hurt themselves. In addition to controlling this exercise, it is also necessary for them to know how to move their fingers with the tissue to remove mucus and later clean the area.

- Learn to blow: Children must be clear that what they should do is blow forcefully through both nostrils. One trick is to practice with them by first expelling air through the mouth, and then show them how to do the same through the nose. In addition, if we tell them to do it with courage, they will be able to expel snot when they have colds.

- Nostrils: Although some children 'blow' their noses with both holes at the same time, we must teach them that this could even plug their ears at one point. So that this does not happen, we must teach them to take turns on each side of the nose, covering them with their fingers and blowing on the opposite side.

- The handkerchief movement: Knowing how to use the tissue in question is as or more important than getting the nose cleaned. To teach them, the first thing is that they learn to move their fingers as if it were a clamp, with the index finger and middle finger as opposed to the thumb.

- Cleaning the area: It is just as important to learn to blow your nose as the fact that eventually the mucus ends up being expelled completely and your nose or even your mouth is not stained on the outside. The last step we have to take with our children is the one that ends with learning to clean the face so that there are no snot.

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