Children need to drink more water than adults

Children need to drink more water than adults

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70% of our body is water, which makes this vital liquid an essential component for the proper functioning of the body. In addition, 85% of the brain is made up of water, and for that reason, correct hydration favors concentration and brain performance, that is, it keeps us active.

Also, water helps regulate body temperature, which can be compromised by high temperatures, carries nutrients to cells and plays important roles in the digestion of food.

Curiously, it is in children, who are generally more active than even adults, and especially in the hottest months, when it is most necessary to insist on maintaining the appropriate levels of hydration. Children playing actively and having fun, have a facility to forget to drink water, and, usually, when thirst begins to be noticed, it is already late, and the first symptoms of dehydration begin to be present, reaching, at those moments, levels dehydration of up to 3%. Dehydration causes distraction, irritability, tiredness, and even apathy, symptoms that we must take into account and try not to appear.

It should also be added that children need proportionally more water than adults, and that, in addition to being more active, they need this water for their growth, which usually takes place at a faster rate during the summer months than in winter. At the same time, if they are young, they may not be able to recognize the symptoms of thirst until it is too late, so having drinks readily available and offering them regularly can help prevent dehydration.

1. Some fruits and vegetables contain significant amounts of water, especially watermelon, melon or strawberries and other berries, and can be offered as an alternative snack on hot days.

2. Making drinks more fun can also be an incentive for children to be more interested in drinking. For example, add slices of lemon or orange or even a piece of watermelon as a garnish, or freeze small strawberries or raspberries in the ice cube trays and add them to drinking water. Likening your glass to a refreshing cocktail like that of the grown-ups usually works like a charm, especially if we let the child participate in its preparation.

3. Making homemade ice creams, with fruit juice reduced with water, can be another idea to consider to increase the fluid intake of the youngest, as a snack or as a reward, it has fun, refreshes and provides an extra of water to the body, you can not ask for more!

4. Even outside the home, you shouldn't do without water, which can be carried in fun travel bottles with your favorite characters. Some of them even have a small compartment to insert a block of ice, ensuring that it stays cool during the day in the park or pool.

Of course, avoiding the hottest hours minimizes the risk of dehydration, but this is not always possible, and in any case, whether adults or children, drink at least eight glasses of water a day ensures perfect functioning of all body organs, keeps body temperature stable, as well as keeping the brain active and fast.

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