The cat with boots. Fables for children

The cat with boots. Fables for children

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The cat with boots is a children's story written by him French author Charles Perrault. The story speaks of the contempt and the importance that ingenuity and creativity have over material value.

Since Guiainfantil We encourage you to read to your child this precious work of French children's literature and teach him to always trust human abilities.

This ancient story begins with the death of the miller, an old man who lived with his three children, among whom he divided his humble inheritance. For the oldest of the brothers he decided to leave the mill, for the middle one the donkey and for the little one the cat how much company he had made the family.

Not that it was a great inheritance, but the brothers seemed to agree, except the youngest, who was so disappointedfor how could he make a living off a cat that couldn't even be eaten. But beware, cats are cunning and intelligent animals, and this one even spoke, and when he saw his owner plunged into such misfortune he got down to work. The first thing he did was ask his master to trust him, and this was guided by the animal, without much hope, because he had no other choice; what could he expect from a poor feline like this, he wondered.

Later, the kitten asked him for money, and he gave him what little he had left; and after a while the cat appeared very well dressed, with good boots and even a custom hat, and how good he looked, quite a gentleman seemed, but his owner was angry, since all his money had been spent. The cat with great conviction replied not to fear, that it would be a good investment; the owner fell silent and nodded with resignation, as he watched the cat go, hunting or fishing. And it is that felines have a good reputation as hunters, or at least those of yesteryear, and this kitten would be no less. He appeared at the gates of the palace, and each piece that he hunted the king offered it, two rabbits, three hares for his majesty, in the name of its owner "the Marquis of Carabás".

Another day, the very clever cat, went out to the street with his master, knowing that the king with his daughter would go for a walk, and taking advantage of the occasion to pretend that his master is drowning and that some thieves had stolen his suit and also the carriage. His majesty quickly orders that they attend to him and dress him in rich clothes, and he also insists on taking them to his rooms. The young man no longer knew what to do, but the cat remembered that not far away were the lands and possessions of a very feared ogre in the place. So the cat headed for the castle and managed, with cunning and ingenuity, to defeat the strong ogre and free the population from its oppression.

And that's how they took over the castle and the miller's son managed to get hold of the heart of the princess, whom he married. The youngest of the brothers learned not to underestimate abilities, and the cat had taught him a lesson, that ingenuity and creativity were more important than money and material value.


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