Desserts with fruits for children at Christmas

Desserts with fruits for children at Christmas

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Now is the time to prepare Christmas dinner, and there are many things to take into account, from the guests to the decoration. The menu is the most important part of the party, so we cannot forget to prepare a dessert to match the occasion. Fruit desserts can be fun if you make them with kids in mind. Children will love both eating and preparing original desserts with fruits. They can make real works of art with apples, strawberries, kiwis, bananas, peaches, etc. our site offers a lot of proposals for Christmas desserts with fruits for the family.

As heavy dishes and large portions are usually prepared at dinner and at Christmas lunch, we suggest some simple desserts with fruits. Prepare these light and healthy Christmas desserts with the children.

Follow the proposals of Guiainfantil for dinner dessert or Christmas lunch. With the children and with the fruits, you can make a Christmas tree, a snowman, stars and a Christmas cane. You will already tell us how your desserts have turned out. Merry Christmas!

Christmas tree with grapes. Christmas tree with grapes for Christmas. Original fruit desserts for children. Christmas desserts step by step, make a Christmas tree with grapes and currants. Christmas recipes for cooking with children.

Snowman with banana. Original Christmas desserts with fruits for children. Make a doll of nine with banana slices and other fruits for the dessert of Christmas dinner. Step by step recipe of fruit dessert in the shape of a snowman.

Star skewer. Christmas star shaped mango skewer dessert. Cook these original healthy and light fruit desserts with the children at Christmas. Star skewer with mango and currants.

Candy cane made with fruits. Recipes with fruits for Christmas with children, learn how to make this recipe step by step. recipe for candy cane made with fruits, a dessert for Christmas. Christmas cane with banana and grapes.

Christmas tree with kiwi. Christmas dessert with tropical fruits to celebrate Christmas with children. Christmas tree made with fruits for Christmas dessert. Dessert recipe with fruits for children, learn how to make a Christmas tree with kiwi.

Peach and gooseberry star. Christmas desserts with fruits for children. our site shows you the step-by-step recipe to make a Christmas star with peach, cream and currant. Make a Christmas fruit star recipe for dessert.

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