Tricks to avoid swollen feet in pregnancy

Tricks to avoid swollen feet in pregnancy

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For many pregnant, fluid retention can be a real ordeal while waiting for your baby. Pregnancy can lead to swelling in many areas of the body, and know certain tricks so that certain parts of the body such as legs or legs do not swell too much. feet can help the future mom.

In order for blood circulation to go normally and there is no foot problem during pregnancy, women should forget at least for these months of uncomfortable shoes, of poor quality or with vertigo heels.

Putting aside shoes that may be too narrow or that can hurt us is a great option, in addition to not squeezing our feet, they will make us much more comfortable and then they will not hurt when we take them off. But there are other ways not to suffer a swollen feet unnecessary during pregnancy.

- Don't stand too long: Abusing being an exaggerated time without sitting while pregnant can contribute to greater fluid retention, and that the feet also hurt after a while. Swollen feet may be due to prolonged standing.

- Stretching: The best thing to do to avoid swollen feet is to do stretching. Just as we stretch our legs precisely so that they are not numb, we can do the same with our feet. Turning the ankles in both directions and repeatedly moving the soles up and down will reduce the swelling and gradually decrease.

- Water: Although it may seem incongruous, to reduce fluid retention it is best to provide more fluid to the body, so drinking water will help pregnant women not to have their feet so swollen.

- Walk daily: Walking every day is essential, and although each pregnancy is different and depends on the risks or what the doctor advises each pregnant woman, walking for a few minutes will reduce the swelling to which the feet can be exposed during pregnancy.

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