Why Babies Cry Without Tears

Why Babies Cry Without Tears

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When you hear your baby cry, the logical thing is that you run to see what he needs. Surely you find it strange to see that your baby is being prey to an intense cry and, yet, does not release a single tear. Is it a fake cry? Many parents think so. But lie or not, the truth is that when a baby cries, with or without tears, it is because he needs something.

It is quite frequent that child throw an awesome tantrum and don't shed a tear. In that case, it is a trick of the child to get your attention and get what he wants. However, in the case of babies than a few months, the reasons for the lack of tears when crying are very different. If your baby is crying uncontrollably, it is because he needs something, no matter how much he cries without tears. What we cannot do is compare the performance of a child with that of a baby.

Crying without tears is very common in babies up to four months old, although there are some who shed tears from the first moment. The reasons for this lack of tears They are not known with certainty, although the most reasonable theory is that the tear ducts of the eye are not yet fully open and that is why tears cannot pass.

There is no shortage of people who point to neuronal development reasons for this lack of tears when they cry and there are those who affirm that a baby does not have enough emotional capacity as if to shed tears. In this case, it does not seem that the tears respond to an emotional process, but rather a physiological one. And we cannot agree that the emotional development of the baby is insufficient, since it is proven that the baby experiences emotions before even being born.

In this way, the reasons why a baby cries without tears matters little. Bearing in mind that crying will be the most practical and immediate form of communicate with youAs soon as the baby begins to cry, you must attend to him and discover the reason for his discomfort. Because that he cries without tears does not imply that he is pretending.

Laura Velez. Writer of GuiaInfantil

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