Creative crafts for children. Pumpkin pipe necklace

Creative crafts for children. Pumpkin pipe necklace

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With some pumpkin seeds and the help of an adult, children can make a nice addition. It is about making a pipe necklace, although you can also make a bracelet.

This children's craft is ideal for developing children's creativity and they can also make their own accessories or give them to their mother or grandmother.

  • Roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Multi-color paint
  • Needle and thread
  • Kitchen paper

advice: Depending on the number of pipes you put, you can make a bracelet, a necklace or an anklet. You can make them in several colors or just one.

1. Paint the pipes in various colors and let them dry on kitchen paper so that they do not stick

2. Cut a thread long enough to go around your head

3. Thread the thread and pass the child with the needle through the pipes with the help of an adult

4. Go alternating colors and creating a design that you like. When you have almost filled the thread, tie the ends so that they are snug