Santo Beltrán Day, October 16. Names for boys

Santo Beltrán Day, October 16. Names for boys

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Beltrán is a name for a child of Germanic origin that means 'bright crow', in clear allusion to the crow that always accompanies the god Odin. It is a name with a meaning full of character that can be perfect for your child.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, in recent times it is gaining popularity for that original and distinguished touch it brings. Celebrate your name day October 16th, which is the day of San Beltran.

Due to the meaning of his name, Beltrán has a charismatic personality shrouded in mystery and with a great attraction that is difficult to resist. His communication skills and his ability to solve difficult situations easily make him a leader to follow. In addition, Beltrán has a great sense of responsibility that he puts into practice both in the family and at work.

The name Beltrán is known throughout the world thanks to the Germanic tradition, although its use is almost exclusive to the Spanish-speaking world. It is a name that was very frequent in the Middle Ages, and was then forgotten. However, today it is gaining popularity, like many other medieval names, and everything indicates that it will soon be one of the most frequent names.

The noble and aristocratic character that accompanies the name Beltrán may help you to choose your baby's name. And it is that since in the Middle Ages it was used by renowned knights, the name of your son has been consolidating as a name belonging to the aristocracy.

We know many other characters named Beltrán, such as that Castilian nobleman, valid from Enrique IV, Beltrán de la Cueva. A name, Beltrán, that brings a touch of distinction to any child.

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