Christmas dishes that smell like childhood

Christmas dishes that smell like childhood

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The Christmas holidays are approaching and the colors as well as the smells are accentuated and spread throughout the house, in many homes. And I remembered the culinary magic my mother used to do in her kitchen when we were little. What does the kitchen of your house or your mother's or grandmother's house smell like for Christmas?

From a very young age my daughter has loved doing culinary experiments. And look where that, since the month of December began, at least one afternoon on weekends we dedicated ourselves to making, between laughter and joy, some special recipe. Last weekend, for example, we tried making homemade milk bread, a recipe that a co-worker gave me. We have been terrific !! Much better than the ones we buy in the supermarket.

Another day we have dedicated ourselves to making a pumpkin sponge cake. Quite an experiment! We have altered the recipe by adding chocolate chips and some cinnamon and, my goodness, we have gotten a wonderful sponge cake, which has not even left over crumbs.

At my mother's house, Christmas smells like biscuits. An orange cake, chocolate ... while at my grandmother's house, it smelled like meat patties, cheese ... hmm! I just opened the food smell memories album. I wish we could eat the memories, right?

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