Grandma's wind fritters step by step

Grandma's wind fritters step by step

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There is no doubt that the best wind fritters are those prepared by the grandmothers. This sweet, typical of the celebration of All Saints Day, It is a classic.

Although it is a very rich and easy recipe to prepare, it takes time and special preparation. Wind fritters are one of the children's favorite recipes, both for breakfast and for a snack, or for dessert. He offers you a very simple recipe to make.

  • 6 eggs
  • 200 gr. wheat flour
  • 150 gr of butter
  • 1/4 liter of milk
  • 50 gr. of sugar
  • 1 glass of Anise
  • 5 grams of salt
  • Sugar and cinnamon for dusting
  • Oil for frying

1- In a bowl, mix the flour, eggs, milk, margarine, salt, sugar and anise.

2- When everything is mixed, knead the mixture well and let the dough rest for an hour. After this time, with the help of a spoon, shape small balls and fry them in plenty of oil over low heat. When they brown on one side, you have to turn them over. Remove them and place them on absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

3- Next, pass the fritters through a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

4- And here you have the wind fritters!

Tips: The fritters can be served warm or cold, alone or filled with pastry cream or chocolate.

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