A letter from an autistic girl touches the world

A letter from an autistic girl touches the world

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Candance is a 7 year old girl who wrote a letter to her mother. However, Candance's note is different and her words have moved the world.

The girl was born with an autism disorder and at her age she already knows what the rejection of people is, she herself believes that people feel 'something bad' for her.

Angela, her mother, moved by her daughter's words, made them public on her Facebook profile, in order to raise awareness about autism. His initiative had a huge impact and Candance's letter was shared thousands of times.

The letter represents the conversation that Candance had with her mother at school, she had to go because the girl had taken refuge under the teacher's table and did not want to go out:

Candande: Does being autistic make me sick?

Mother: What makes you think that being autistic makes you bad?

Cadence: Adults always say that it is hard to be a mother or father if your child has autism and they say on television that if you have autism you hurt people. And that kids who are autistic have to be put in jail to keep others safe or tie them up.

Mother: Do you think I think those things are true or that I would say them?

Cadence: DO NOT!

Mother: What do you think?

Cadence: I don't like hurting people. I don't like to be afraid. It would scare me to be in a jail. I was born autistic but that doesn't mean I was born bad. You're crying?

Mother: Yes. I have happy tears that you know what is true; and I have sad tears because there are many people who do not know what the truth is.

Angela published this dialogue to raise awareness in society, ultimately as a criticism of all those messages and ideas that are broadcast about autism at school, in the family, in the media ...

The Candance case is not isolated, I myself know the case of some parents who asked the mother of an Asperger boy at the school gate to take their son away from her little girl, shouting: 'because my daughter is a girl healthy and yours doesn't. ' This Infinite and incomprehensible cruelty towards a child is worthy of the greatest of rejections. These ignorant and intolerant parents are not an isolated event, they are cases that happen in many schools, in different environments with people from different cultures.

The mother of the Asperger boy did not want to publicize this fact. However, Candance's mom's initiative is a great way to make it known that autistic children, despite having a disorder, have feelings like any other child, they cry, laugh, feel and suffer.

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