Rent or recycle your children's toys

Rent or recycle your children's toys

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The day we went to Aunt Ana's storage room to get the toys that the cousin no longer used, it seemed to my children that Christmas had arrived, and that Santa Claus had left them there all together waiting for us to pick them up. The children wanted to play with everything and play with everything.

This wonderful idea of ​​sharing toys, of reusing those that we no longer use with the family, has also been transferred to friends and neighbors. In communities and urbanizations, fathers and mothers prefer to give each other toys rather than throw them away. Others have gone further and at Christmas they organize small bazaars where families can exchange all kinds of toys and books. An initiative that is also carried out in some nursery schools and colleges.

And it is that today's toys are designed to be very useful during a specific stage of the child's development. As it grows and these cycles are overcome, it is necessary to renew the toy park, which generates a significant economic expense, the search for space to accumulate those that are no longer used or in which our son has lost interest.

Looking for alternatives for Christmas gifts, maybe you come across a company oftoy rental With which to save money, save space and give toys an effective useful life. A trend that has been in the United States and other European countries for many years. With this initiative, parents can rent both large toys, such as garden or inflatable toys, as well as small toys from recognized and approved brands.

And of course, there will always be the option of 'making room' at home by donating the toys to NGOs that are in charge of sending them to the neediest people.

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