How to make polvorones for allergic children

How to make polvorones for allergic children

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Without milk, without eggs, and as incredible as it may seem, a recipe for polvorones without nuts, that is, without almonds and other fruits, for Christmas. A recipe for children as well as for all people who have a food allergy.

Thanks to recipes from the Madrid Association of Food Allergies, Histasan, we have alternatives to be able to enjoy the exquisite Christmas sweets together without stumbling, worries, and with safe food for children. Thus, everyone can enjoy one of the most popular Christmas sweets: polvorones!

Food allergies can be a problem when planning our children's meals at home or feeding them in a restaurant, at camp, etc. They force us to avoid certain very common ingredients in the diet that must be replaced by others. The taste is not always the same, and that can cause the child to reject the food and not accept these changes and limitations. It is best to try to have a varied diet and that the child can enjoy the same foods as the rest of the family and friends.

On dates of celebrations such as the birthday of children or a family member or Christmas, it is important to ensure that the allergic child does not feel excluded and can eat the same menu as the others, even if some modifications are necessary. This is especially important in the case of sweets, of which there is a great variety (nougat, marzipan, Roscón de Reyes, cookies ...) and they tend to like them a lot.

Thinking about it, wanted to share with the families of allergic children an exquisite and easy to prepare recipe for polvorones, so that no child is left without Christmas sweets.

With this POLVORONES RECIPE FOR ALLERGIC CHILDREN, you will get your child to eat as many desserts as he wants without suffering any risk.

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