Benefits of fiber in the diet of children and pregnant women

Benefits of fiber in the diet of children and pregnant women

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Fiber foods are necessary to carry ahealthy and balanced diet, since they have multiple benefits for the body at any stage of life. However, they are especially good for both women who are expecting a baby and children. Know the advantages of our children ingestingfiber foods and why they are also good for pregnant women.

Reduce constipation: If there is a common symptom or discomfort in pregnancy for all women, it is the fact that constipation occurs in a high percentage of pregnancies. Difficulty going to the bathroom at such a delicate time can be a real torture for many pregnant women. To reduce it, nothing better than eating foods rich in fiber, such as rice or pasta.

Lowers cholesterolContrary to what was thought a few years ago, fiber does not contribute to raising cholesterol, but precisely to lowering it. This is possible in pregnancy with foods likelegumes in salad or soups, or also fruits such as apple and reducing other foods that do contribute to raising cholesterol levels such as excess fats.

Help the baby's development: If there is something important in pregnancy it is child development that is coming, and the habits of the woman and her feeding are crucial for the baby to grow up healthy. Therefore, fiber consumption is essential for fetal development, such as bread or cereals that are not processed.

Improve your digestive system: Children can find in fiber the great ally to have a healthy digestive system. For this, it is necessary to eat foods such as cereals, brown rice or fruits such as apples, tangerines or oranges, whose properties make the body's system in perfect health levels, and contribute toimprove intestinal transit.

Reduce childhood obesity: Foods that have a lot of fiber, such as cereals or types of legumes such as lentils, can help fight against childhood overweight. The reason is that they have satiating properties, that is, you do not feel instantly hungry after eating them, and that makes children do not abuse food without filling their stomach.

It prevents illnesses: The properties of fiber are detoxifying, which means that it cleanses the intestine and thus reduces illnesses such as colon cancer or also cardiovascular diseases.

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