An ideal world. Aladdin song lyrics

An ideal world. Aladdin song lyrics

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Aladdin, like many Disney movies, has a lot of nursery rhymes that want to convey essential values ​​to children for their education. In you can find 'An ideal world'.

'An ideal world' is the name of the song that Aladdin sings to Jasmine to get her eternal love. The protagonist fights without regard for the princess, perseverance usually pays off and it is important that our children know that. Every effort has its rewards.

I want to show you a fantastic world.

Come princess and let your heart dream.

I can show you wonderful things.

Come princess and let yourself be carried away to an ideal world.

An ideal world.

A world where you and I

we can decide how to live

with no one to prevent it.

An ideal world that I could never imagine.

Where I already understood that next to you

the world is a place to dream.

Fabulous vision, divine feeling.

I am flying with you towards a new dawn.

An ideal world. Take a good look at what there is.

There I am going to see a thousand things. Holding my breath.

I am like a beam of light that goes far.

And you can never go back.

An ideal world. A horizon to discover.

A world for you. For both.

Let yourself be carried away into an ideal world.

An ideal world. A world in which you and me

We can decide how to live

with no one to prevent it.

An ideal world. Every lap is a surprise.

A horizon to discover.

Every moment is a dream.

A world for you. For both.

Ride me. Where do you dream?

An ideal world. What to share.

What to achieve. What to contemplate.

You next to me.

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