The benefits of chocolate in children

The benefits of chocolate in children

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If there is something common to most children it is his love for chocolate. Show them a candy bar and a smile will appear on their faces.

There is a tendency to think that chocolate is not suitable food for children, and there are those who defend this position, but most nutritionists consider chocolate as a food that provides a great number of benefits to children, that is, always with moderation.

- Chocolate is energetic and nutritious since it contains a good number of nutrients such as calcium, phosphate, proteins and other minerals that are basic for the correct development of children, but beware, it also contains a large amount of fats, so, in certain cases, you will have to consult to the pediatrician about its consumption.

- Chocolate has many calories that will help muscles and bones of the child to be stronger. In addition, by being stimulating, it will make children more awake and active, and therefore more receptive to stimuli or explanations.

- The high cocoa content of chocolate produces hormonal reactions in children that correct stress levels, and its antioxidant properties they will help the child avoid heart-related diseases.

- The feeling of pleasure that we observe in children when they are tasting a portion of chocolate is natural and beneficial and is produced thanks to the increase in phenylethylamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for causing this sensation.

- Experts tell us that in addition, chocolate helps calm a cough.

- Dark chocolate: Also known as dark chocolate, it is the result of the unique mixture of sugar and cocoa butter, even reaching a proportion of 99%.

- Chocolate cover: It is the most common when making chocolates, cakes and others and usually has a proportion of 30% cocoa.

- Milk chocolate: The most popular of the chocolates, it adds powdered or condensed milk to its mixture to achieve a cocoa content never exceeding 40%.

- White chocolate: Despite not being a regular chocolate, it has 20% cocoa butter in its preparation.

The first thing to consider is whether chocolate is suitable for the child, since it is not recommended for children with overweight or diabetes due to its high calorie and sugar content. Also, if the child has constipation problems, they should not eat chocolate either because of its power to promote constipation processes.

It is recommended that children between 1 and 5 years old never exceed 50 grams per day, which for example would be four cheap milk chocolate or a chocolate bar. It is also advised that its consumption is never later than seven o'clock in the afternoon so that it does not influence the child's bedtime, since if its intake occurs before going to bed, its exciting properties could harm quality of the dream.

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