Toy rocket. Recycling crafts

Toy rocket. Recycling crafts

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If this year you want to make Christmas decorations at home with the children, or you even want to make toys at home for your children gift to your friends or cousins ​​on their birthday, we propose a very easy and quick idea to do ... and also cheap!

It is an original rocket made with a roll of toilet paper and a lot of love. Do you dare to do it yourself? On our site we teach you how to make it, step by step.

  • 1 rolls of toilet paper
  • Yellow card
  • Orange patent leather paper
  • Line
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pink paint
  • Green gomets

1. Paint a roll of toilet paper with watercolor or tempera.

2. Make a half circle on a yellow card, cut it out and glue the ends to make a conical shape.

3. Cut out a rectangle of orange patent leather paper and make triangular cuts at one end.

4. Glue the cone to one end of the roll. Roll up the charon paper and glue it on the other side of the roll.

5. Stick stickers on the toilet paper roll and ... let's fly!

Video: 4 Amazing DIY TOYs. Awesome Ideas Compilation (September 2022).


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