Accidental breakage of children's teeth

Accidental breakage of children's teeth

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Sometimes, after a fall or a blow, children can suffer a broken tooth, which occurs when a piece detaches from the main structure, generally one of the lower peaks.

Knowing how to act in this case is important, but above all it is essential for parents to know what to do when one of them detaches and is thrown out of the mouth to be able to reimplant it.

Going to the emergency room to the dentist is the first step, since even if the tooth is milk and does not hurt, the trauma can affect the final tooth. If the tooth changes color and, after two or three days, turns black or has a dark color, it is possible that the tooth has died and we are facing pulp necrosis. It is important to take the child to the dentist as soon as possible to prevent the dental tissue from rotting, and affecting the tooth that comes behind, that is, the final tooth.

When only a third has been broken or the break has affected only one of the tooth's peaks, it is easily rebuilt with composite, which is the material used to make fillings. When the break affects the dentin, surely, will require root canal treatment or endodontics, as long as the root of the tooth is fully formed. If it is not fully formed, a picoformation is usually carried out, which consists of introducing a product into the root to accelerate its formation and, when it is already formed, the root canal treatment is carried out.

In this case, a good action on time is essential to be able to reimplant the tooth. If the parents are with the child and they are the ones who can pick up the tooth, they should insert it into their mouth and keep it under the tongue until they reach the emergency room, because saliva performs a very good protective action. The tooth should never be cleaned with soap and water because the tooth has its root covered by the periodontal ligaments, which must not be touched in order to perform the reimplantation. If the child is at school or in the care of other people, it is advisable to collect the tooth and put it in milk without cleaning it.

It is important to call the parents quickly or take the child to the nearest dental center for a reimplantation. This type of accident is very common, as a simple blow can cause a permanent tooth to slip out of place and literally fall to the ground. In this case, the urgency is extreme because it is proven that, from half an hour or a maximum of one hourIf that tooth is not re-implanted in the mouth, the degree of success is greatly reduced and it may be lost.

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