Carpets in baby and children's rooms

Carpets in baby and children's rooms

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Carpets are an excellent decorative element since in addition to their aesthetic value they provide us with comfort. They are a good thermal and acoustic insulation since they insulate from the cold and absorb sound.

The versatility that rugs offer us when decorating, simply varying in shape or color, allow us a simple and economical change in the decoration of any space. This, in the rooms of babies, children and young people is a factor to take into account.

With rugs we can create and delimit small spaces such as a play or reading corner. As the baby will crawl and play on them, it is advisable that the fabric and texture are pleasant to the touch.

For example,within natural fibers cotton, is a fabric that is characterized by not caking or accumulating static electricity, it can be washed, resists heat and has great absorbency.

The money It is also a natural tissue that comes from the fur of sheep. That of New Zealand is one of the most used since especially bright colors are achieved when dyed. At first they tend to shed fluff.

Vegetable fibers are not recommended like coconut, sisal, jute ... its texture is not the most advisable to spend hours sitting on them.

Synthetic fibers are very elastic, light, and especially resistant to wear and tear and very easy to clean. Among the most used are nylon, polyester, acrylic and polypropylene.

When choosing the rug, think that the size should be appropriate to the space, neither too small nor too big. The color can coordinate with the rest of the decoration or contrast, achieving a focal point of attention. You have a wide variety of models, colors, shapes to choose from.

In any case carpet cleaning must be thorough, so make sure it's easy to do. It is preferable to vacuum to shake, let it dry perfectly after washing and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

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