The puzzle that children solve but not adults

The puzzle that children solve but not adults

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We adults believe ourselves to be more intelligent, smart and capable than children, from whom we often detract from values, simply because they are children. However, their abilities, which often surpass those of adults, should not be discounted.

This has been revealed by the puzzle that the magazine National Geographic performed to adults and children: In which direction is the bus traveling? 80% of the children solved it instantly while the adults could not find the solution.

The test consists of seeing an image of a bus that is the same on both sides and the question is. Which way is the bus moving?

Most of the children surveyed came up with the solution without thinking, the adults did not find it or had a hard time finding it. Look at the image above and try ... try to give a logical answer to the question.

Children interpret visual cues better than adults and, they pay more attention to the details, because there is much around them that is new. We adults get used to seeing what is around us and we do not pay attention to small things.

So much so that playing magic with my children, they are able to know how I have performed a trick with coins that is difficult for an adult to detect, but they do not see what is more obvious to an adult.

This test is generally used to test the logic skills of students in schools and, for the most part, children are able to solve it instantly and the National Geographic magazine created a few years ago a version that has already been put back of fashion and has gone viral.

The University College London and Birkbeck conducted a study that found that children under 12 years of age perceive visual information differently than adults. They tend to use the first visual signal they receive to form judgments, this makes it less accurate but faster. Adults, on the other hand, use different referents of visual information, in addition to signals, to form their judgments.

And finally, you still don't know what the correct answer is? If you are in the UK the bus travels to the right, otherwise to the left. Why else is the driver visible? The answer is that the access doors to the bus that are always on the opposite side of the driver are not visible either, that is the clue and the key to solve it.

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