The importance of siblings from infancy to old age

The importance of siblings from infancy to old age

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Today I read in the newspaper that the photographer Nicholas Nixon has exhibited a series of images at the National Gallery of Art in New York. So far this is one more piece of news, however, what is important is what this series shows. These are images of his wife along with his three sisters from 1975 to 2010.

These photographs not only show the passage of time, but also invite us to think about what the relationship between these sisters is like, how their life could have been. These photographs have led me to reflect on the importance of relationships between brothers.

Siblings not only have genes, culture, education or social class in common, they also share the same experiences within the family and live the same events. Each person is unique and has their own personality, two brothers raised under the same roof can develop different ways of behaving, however, both they share the same memories and experiences.

According to the child psychologist Maria del Mar Garcia Orgaz, the brother during childhood is a source of company. Between them there is a relationship of love and friendship, but also of hostility, rivalry, competitiveness, jealousy and, sometimes, hatred. They are very intense relationships.

Throughout adolescence, they can become advisers or confidants and become great allies. When siblings begin to form their own family at maturity, they tend to have a loving and supportive relationship towards each other as well as towards their nephews. Already in old age, when the children have left home and spouses or relatives have died, They return to have a closer relationship, of understanding and mutual support.

Obviously this is not always the case, relationships between siblings sometimes do not work and are tense or non-existent. However, no one should miss it, the fraternal relationship offers unique and very special support throughout life and, many times, they are closer than the parents themselves. A brother can contribute to making one's life happier as he provides such important values ​​as company, affection, understanding, friendship, security or understanding.

Photographs: Nicholas Nixon

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