The dark swallows will return. Bécquer's love poem

The dark swallows will return. Bécquer's love poem

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Poetry teaches children vocabulary, helps them think, and also improves their memory and concentration. There are poetry with rhyme and poetry full of metaphors.

This poem by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer It is written for an adult audience, but you can use it with older children to discuss love and heartbreak. It is a beautiful poem about falling in love in the key of metaphors. Love, like a swallow, comes swiftly over the heart. But it also leaves. That love that came and went is unique and unrepeatable.

The dark swallows will return

their nests to hang on your balcony,

and again with the wing to its crystals

playing they will call.

But those that the flight held back

your beauty and my happiness to contemplate,

those who learned our names ...

Those ... will not return!

The bushy honeysuckle will return

from your garden the walls to climb,

and again in the evening even more beautiful

its flowers will open.

But those, curdled with dew

whose drops we watched tremble

and fall like tears of the day ...

Those ... will not return!

They will return from the love in your ears

the fiery words to sound;

your heart from its deep sleep

maybe it will wake up.

But mute and absorbed and on my knees

as God is worshiped before his altar,

as I have loved you ...; get away with it,

Well ... they won't love you!

Rima LIII - Poems by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

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