What are antihistamines and when are they used with children?

What are antihistamines and when are they used with children?

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When a person has an allergy, the medical recommendation is the intake of antihistamines. Knowing them is beneficial to know what they are, how they are used and when it is advisable to give them to children.

The use of antihistamines is concentrated in the allergy episodes, so they usually treat symptoms related to this disease, and manage to alleviate the problems it causes, such as rhinitis or urticaria.

The antihistamines are medications that can be taken by prescription to treat the annoying symptoms of allergy. The allergy itself occurs when the child has a reaction towards a certain substance with a weak immune system. This means that instead of being immune to certain allergens, it gives in to them causing the allergy. In these cases it is necessary to take antihistamines because these inhibit the effects of histamine and they make whoever takes them much more relieved.

This type of drug helps to curb discomfort so typical in allergy sufferers such as:

- Itching of the eyes.

- Inflammation of the nasal passages.

- Nasal congestion and runny nose.

- Sneezing.

- Difficulty breathing.

There are antihistamines of different types, from those that can be taken by via nowl, that is, pills, going through intravenously or or those for topical use.

Depending on the type of allergy that the child suffers, so will the antihistamines that he should take, since if the allergy persists it will be more or less advisable to take them day by day, others only when symptoms appear, or occasionally to prevent them when times come when the child has a weaker immune system.

In the case of children, it is advisable to consult a medical specialist, since its application is not recommended up to two years of age. In cases of babies, they are prescribed only in clinical pictures related to asthma, bronchospasm or recurrent bronchiolitis.

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