Day of Saint Francis, March 9. Names for girls

Day of Saint Francis, March 9. Names for girls

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Francisca is a name for a girl of Germanic origin that means 'the free woman'. It is not a very frequent name, unlike its masculine variant, Francisco.

However, the name of your daughter has all the force of tradition and the originality of being a little used name. Celebrate your name day March 9, which is the day of Santa Francesca.

By the meaning of her name, Francisca implies a charismatic personality and a great strength of character. Francisca is accompanied by honesty and effort for which she immediately receives the trust of others. With sensitivity to the surface, emotions play a fundamental role in Francisca's life, although in difficult moments she is perfectly capable of being up to date with reason.

The name Francisca it is known in all languages, being especially frequent in the Anglo-Saxon world in its French or French forms. It is also a name that is liked in France in the form of Francine and we cannot forget the seductive connotations of the Italian Francesca. From there, the multitude of diminutives and variants of your daughter's name make it possible for her to choose the one that best suits her personality.

Paca, Paquita, Franny, Fanny or Fran are some of the possibilities offered by your daughter's name, Francine being the one preferred by today's parents, as it is a name that sounds modern, original and sophisticated. In addition, we meet the television presenter Francine Gálvez, much loved by the public.

But Francisca is a name of height, which in addition to strength and vigor evokes nobility. Thus we find numerous ladies infantas, princesses and duchesses named Francisca, as well as politicians, writers and artists. Although the name of your daughter also serves to give a name to a weapon, a very light battle ax used by the Franks since the 5th century.

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