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Solar System short story for children

Solar System short story for children

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A curious and beautiful children's story to explain to children, in an interesting and fun way, how the solar system was formed, how the planets were formed and what space is like. It is a beautiful story specially oriented for children from 4 to 6 years of age. Share this beautiful story with the most curious children, those who like the Universe and everything in it.

Once upon a time, hundreds of thousands of years ago the Sun was nothing more than a very large cloud made up of gas and dust and floated in space. The Sun was very lonely, he had no friends to talk to.

One day he decided to do something to be able to be accompanied in such an empty space, so he called the Mrs. Gravity that it was very serious but it helped him to that the dust and the gas were united without leaving his cloud.

Mrs. Gravity was sorry that the Sun was so lonely, so she used all her strength so that the dust and gas would come together more and more and more. They came together so much that they began to burn. The Sun then became a huge superflame that gave off a lot of light and a lot of heat.

Just at the moment when the Sun began to burn, many pebbles shot out into empty space, but to keep them from straying too far, Mrs. Gravity left them floating in space near the great ball of fire that was now the Sun. . So all these little pieces began to revolve around him, some closer and others further away.

Years after this happened, the Sun was still alone, so Mrs. Gravity decided to gradually gather all these little pieces of stones and they were forming large balls, of different colors and sizes. Thus he managed to gather 8 balls and thus the planets were born.

The Sun was very happy and now if he had to name his new friends:

- You who are closest to me, as you move very very fast I will call you Mercury.

- To you, so funny, that you are behind Mercury and you turn upside down that your brothers will name youVenus.

- Oh! - he said startled when he saw the next one full of water and land areas - I'll call you land.

- The next planet I see is smaller than the earth and is red, you will be Mars.

- You, who have stripes and have several moons, I will name you Jupiter, you are the greatest, huh.

- Hey you, the one with the rings around, your name will be Saturn.

- Hey, why are you turning so inclined? - said the Sun.

- A comet hit me - replied the planet.

- Well I'll give you a very nice name, you will be Uranus.

- Oops, and you don't stay back there, you're the last one, you spin so slowly around me that it takes you 160 years to make a complete turn and your color is also blue. Well your name will be Neptune.

The Sun was beaming with joy but before letting the planets keep turning and turning, Mrs. Gravity warned them:

- Do not be afraid, I will be watching and taking care that nothing happens to you.

And since then the 8 planets revolve around the Sun that he is already happy because his friends are always with him in space.


Short version based on a story by Javier Martín Ferrero

Find out if your child has understood what he has read by asking these simple questions. Reading comprehension is a skill that children have to practice, as it is very important in school. It is just as relevant that they know how to read the written words as they have the ability to understand and interpret the general meaning of the text.

1. Why did Mrs. Gravedad feel sorry for the Sun?

2. How did they get pieces of stones?

3. What ended up being the pieces of stones that floated in space?

4. Did Mrs. Gravity get all the planets to stay together and in order?

5. What did the Sun call your new friends? With this question you will be challenging your children to learn the names of the planets!

6. Who made the planets go around the Sun forever in space?

And to continue knowing more about space and satisfying the curiosity of the most curious children, below we propose some activities related to astronomy with which your children will have a great time.

- Answer the whys about space
Why don't planets fall or collide? Why do we never overtake the moon when we are in the car? Where does the sky end and space begin? Astronomy raises many questions to children, who want to know everything about our mysterious Milky Way. Unfortunately, too often even we, her parents, don't know the answer to these questions. To help you answer your children's questions about space, don't miss the list of whys we have selected in

- Crafts to create a Solar System
In addition to this story that teaches children the names of the planets of the Solar System, we suggest you make a nice model with polystyrene balls. It's great for your children to remember what the planets are called and in what order, but it can also be a great idea for a school science project or just as a decorative element for your children's room.

- Read about Galileo's biography
Do your children know who Galileo Galilei was? Share with them your story biography! Born in Italy in the 16th century, he was a great astronomer, mathematician, and physicist who had a great role in improving the telescope. Maybe without your jobs today we could not know the stars!

- An excursion to see the stars
Have you ever taken the kids on a field trip to see the stars? It is a wonderful plan! The little ones will be amazed by the number of stars in the sky. Why don't you take the opportunity to go when there is a rain of stars?

- Experiment to know the moon phases
Full moon, new moon, last quarter, first quarter ... Does your child know the phases of the moon? With this experiment, for which you need a small ball, an orange and a flashlight, you can teach them in a more practical way.

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