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Always popular songs for children

Always popular songs for children

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On our site we have made a selection ofold folk songs for children. It's about lyrics traditional and timeless songs that have passed from parents to children and that now you can sing with yours.

It is a list of children's songs that do not go out of style, so that you can spend some time entertaining with your children. If you don't remember the lyrics or the melody well, don't worry, we offer it to you so that you can learn and sing with the children.

Choose the song that you like the most and have a fun time dancing and singing with your children. It will be a lot of fun learning the lyrics of the song and then practice it with the children!

Children's songs are present in children's daily lives from the earliest age. What's more, they can be a very pleasant activity for them, even when they are in the womb. Singing to the baby is very beneficial for its development, in all aspects.

Discover the benefits that songs bring to education, as well as to the mental and emotional health of children. Sing with the children:

1. It amuses and socializes them

2. It is a way to play, cheap and simple

3. Promotes memory, attention and concentration

4. Teach different rhythms

5. Helps them express themselves better

6. Relaxes and calms them

7. It makes them feel good and happier

8. Improve your language and your vocal and hearing abilities

9. Increase your vocabulary

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