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Our Lady of Carmen Day, July 16. Names for girls

Our Lady of Carmen Day, July 16. Names for girls

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Why are there names that never go out of style? Because, as is the case with Carmen, it is a girl's name of great beauty and with a special musicality that can be perfect for your daughter. If, in addition, you are one of the people looking for a name with an important biblical tradition or a name of a saint, Carmen, who celebrates his name day on July 16, what is the day of the Virgin of Carmen, it is perfect for your little one.

The name Carmen became popular for the veneration of the Virgen del Carmen in many countries such as Spain, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica, where is the patron of the sea and where every July 16 the boats go out in procession through the waters so that their Virgin may bless them and the fishermen can have a lot of work during the rest of the year.

She is considered, in turn, Queen and Patroness of Chile, of its Armed Forces and of the Carabineros; She is the patron of the National Police, the National Army, sailors and drivers in Colombia; in Bolivia she is the Patron of the Nation and its Armed Forces; in Peru she is the 'Patron of Criollismo' and 'Perpetual Mayor of the City of Lima' and in Venezuela she is the patron of the Army and the drivers.

To find the origin of this devotion, one must go to the third and fourth centuries, where a group of hermits, inspired by the prophet Elijah, decided to go and lead a more contemplative life to the model of Jesus Christ to Mount Carmel, in Israel, a place of great religious tradition that appears in the Old Testament, but not in the New Testament. And as a result of this the Carmelite order arose (later it would arrive in Europe).

As they say, on July 16, 1251, the Virgin of Carmen appeared to the superior of the order and he gave him his habits and his scapular with the promise that he would free from purgatory all the souls who wore the scapular during his life.

Carmen's name is surrounded by a lot of mystery and, to this day, there are two theories about its origin. A first trend indicates that it comes from the Hebrew and the word Karmel (Mount Carmel), while another line points to Latin (song, music, poem, spell, incantation). In any case, the name is supported by connotations of sensitivity like no other.

For the meaning of your name, Carmen has a charismatic personality that exerts a great influence on others. Surrounded by legends, Carmen stands out for her wit and intelligence, as well as her generosity out of the ordinary. Carmen is also hard-working and responsible, qualities that make her worthy of respect and admiration in her profession, regardless of which one she chooses.

The name Carmen is known throughout the world with hardly any variations, although its popularity is much higher in the Spanish-speaking world and also in Italy. We know some of its varieties such as Carmela, Carmina or Mamen, all of them very familiar names that will highlight the beauty of your daughter.

There are many personalities that we know who bear the name of your daughter, such as the Spanish actress Carmen Maura or the writers Carmen Laforet and Carmen Martín Gaite. Carmen is also the name of a famous opera and a collection of songs or poems from the 12th century, the so-called 'Carmina burana'.

Some Hollywood celebrities have fallen so in love with these six letters that they have even changed their name. This is the case of Tara Leigh Patrick, today known as Carmen Electra, who after meeting the singer Prince and he convinced her, chose to rename herself.

Carmen is, along with Lola, one of the classic and traditional names that many millennial parents are recovering for their daughters, either because it reminds them of a distant relative (grandfather or great-grandfather), because some celebrities have chosen it for their recent babies or, simply because it sounds different and not very hackneyed.

July 16 is, as you have been able to read, a date reserved for all the devotees of the Virgen del Carmen and to celebrate in all the houses where there is a woman baptized with this name. He is a saint with a lot of tradition, but he is not the only one that takes place on this day. According to the Catholic saints, on July 16 they were also recognized as saints or blessed.

  • Saint Antiochus of Anastasiopolis
  • Saint Athenogenes
  • Saint Helerius of Jersey
  • Saint Mary Magdalene Postel
  • San Sisenando of Córdoba
  • Saint Teresa Zhang Hezhi and two sons
  • Blessed Aimée de Jesús de Gordon and companions
  • Blessed Bartholomew of the Martyrs Fernandes
  • Blessed Irmengardis of Frauenwörth
  • Blessed Nicolas Savouret
  • Blessed Simon da Costa

And since the thing is about saints, we cannot stop naming you other saints that are celebrated during the seventh month of the year so that you have them listed in your agenda:

  • July 17, Alejo
  • July 18, Federico
  • July 19, Aurea
  • July 20, Elijah
  • July 21, Daniel
  • July 22, Magdalena
  • July 23 Brígida
  • July 24, Cristina
  • July 25, Santiago
  • July 26, Joaquín and Ana
  • July 27, Natalia
  • July 28, Celsus
  • July 29, Marta
  • July 30, German
  • July 31, Ignacio

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