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How to cure sunburn on a child's skin

How to cure sunburn on a child's skin

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Summer is here and we are already looking forward to spending a few days at the beach with the family. The precautions to have an unforgettable summer are evident and go through protect from sun to the smallest of the house. But any prevention is little and sometimes it happens that children get sunburned.

When a child has been burned by the sun, we must first check the severity of the burn and take him to the pediatrician as soon as possible if he has been burned in a large area of ​​the body or if he has vomiting and dizziness. But for one mild sunburn, we ourselves can take care of it and heal it in the best possible way.

The first step before a sunburn is to remove the child from the sun, take him to a shady place and, if possible, cool. The affected area must be washed with cold water and it is also not a bad thing to give the child a bath or a warm shower. It is not advisable to use soap on the burned area because it could increase irritation of the skin.

Nor should the burned area be dried by rubbing with a towel, it is better to let it dry or dabbing with a cotton cloth. It is convenient to have that sunburn continuously hydrated and one of the best remedies is to apply a thermal water spray every little time. Another very effective home remedy for sunburn is cold compresses soaked in milk or applying a layer of plain yogurt.

To prevent sunburn from leaving a scar on the child's skin, we can use the Aloe vera, passing a piece of the plant through the affected area. But for this remedy you have to wait a day or two. Until the skin has completely regenerated, it is best to keep the area covered so that it cannot be exposed to the sun, because the result would be pigmentation changes in the skin.

A sunburn manifests itself as redness, increased temperature and itchy skin. These are the symptoms of a mild sunburn that can appear after a few hours of sun exposure. In the event that the burn is also accompanied by severe pain, dizziness, vomiting or tremors, the child should be taken to see a pediatrician and take care of his treatment.

While the burn is still red, the best treatment is to apply water or moistened compresses, but soon you have to move on to the moisturizing lotions so that the skin recovers as soon as possible.

Because children are so active, especially in summer, it is advisable to cover the burn most of the time, although it is true that this measure delays the regeneration of the skin. The child must be watched so that he does not break the blister that may come out in the area because it could cause a very painful infection on the skin.

In any case, it never hurts to insist that children must be well protected in summer. Lotion with a high sun protection index cannot be missing in the vacation suitcase and we cannot guard down on this issue. Children and adults must protect ourselves from the sun for our health but also to be able to fully enjoy beach days.

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